Member FAQ

Q:What is
A: is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service. Our service gives advertisers the unique opportunity to expose their advertisement to thousands of potential members by displaying their advertisement on our website. Registered users view those advertisements to earn bitcoin and work their way up to cash out.
Q:How to contact us?
We can be reached via "Support", open a ticket and we'll try to respond to your query within 48 business hours.
Q:Site Hours:
Our site is open 24/7.
Q:How does it work?
You view websites on "Surf Ads" page. You have to wait a specific time determined by the advertiser, once the loading bar is complete, you will be prompted with a custom image capatcha. If choosen correctly you'll either get a green tick sign or a red 'X'. The green tick sign means you've earned up to $0.01 (depending on your membership type). The 'X' means you have not earned money for the visit. You'll get red X's when you have more than one website from the "Surf Ads" page open. When this happens, you get no credit.
Q:How much can I make from my referrals?
Our current pay rate is:
  • As a Standard Member you are limited to are limited to 50 direct referrals.
  • As a Golden Member you are limited to 200 direct referrals.
  • As a Ultimate Member you can have UNLIMITED direct referrals.
Early Pioneer members may recieve special benifits compared to the average user
Q:How do I get paid?
Once you have accumulated the minimum payout, you can click on "Request Payment" within the Members Area and it will submit your request.
Q:When do I get paid?
You can request your payment once you have reached the minimum payout. Your payment will be processed automatically and issued via bitcoin instantly unless bitcoin is having technical difficulties so it may take longer depending on network congestion.
Q:My network, school or ISP all use the same or randomly used IP addresses, can I join?
Please do not join from schools or networks. They most likely share the same IP adresses and could result in a conflict if someone else joins from that same place.